NEPtHA Board of Directors

Executive Board

Chairman of the Board John Cunningham


Sarah Ladd


Cher Golden-Lago

Vice President

Kelsey Robertson


Meghan Nogacek

State Directors


No Directors

New Hampshire:

Alicia Robertson (2 year)


Sabrina Winthers (1 years)

Beth Tolhurst (2 Year)

Director at Large: (1 year term)

Melissa Lalli, Ted Hintz, Alyssa Kinsey,

Allison Caprigno, Amy Rader


No Directors


Dorothy Farrell (1 years)

Michelle Hunting (2 year)

Rhode Island:

No Directors

Field Representatives / National Certified Mini Measurements*

Sarah Ladd (CT)*

Ann DiGiovanni (NH)

Kathleen Gallagher (NH)*

Area Directors

Sarah Ladd (CT)

Ann DiGiovanni (NH)

Committee Chairs:

Horse Show Chair – Sarah Ladd

Nominations Chair – Jac Cunningham

ByLaws Chair – Jac Cunningham

Grievance Chair – Lisa Nogacek

Website – Jac Cunningham

Show Secretary – Karin Smith

Show Ring Steward – KARI LEWIS

Co-Show Managers – Jac Cunningham

Jennifer Musto

Finance Chair – Meghan Nogacek

Memberships – Cher Lago

Facebook – Sarah Ladd, Kelsey Robertson, Cher Lago

Points Keeper – Michelle Hunting

Instagram – Meghan Nogacek

Asst. Secretary – Jennifer Musto

Announcer – Jennifer Crossman

Gate Keeper – Kim Lussier