NEPtHA Show Season Prep.

2021 Show Season is upon us!

If you are a first time exhibitor with NEPtHA here are some things that may help you organize yourself so you do not forget anything at home.


New England Pinto Membership (Must have if you are running for year end awards with NEPtHA. PRIOR to the start of the first show in order for your points to count)

National Membership (MUST HAVE to show in PtHA classes and qualify for National awards)

National registration for your horse (unless your are showing in ONLY All Breed Classes. Registration information and assistance can be found on our BOARD of DIRECTOR page any of our FIELD REPRESENTATIVES will be glad to talk with you)

HEALTH CERTIFICATE; Please check your State Requirements before you call your Vet, or your Vet may be able to answer any questions you may have.


Stall/Camper Reservations Fillable form is on the SHOW SEASON PAGE, Please NOTE that everything associated with your entries is by your BACK NUMBER please include on all forms. you may also purchase bedding on the form or you may bring your own. Fill out the information and hit the submit button, (you will have to mail out a check to the Stall Coordinator after submitting the form)

PRE-ENTRIES (Download and print out the entry form from the SHOW PACK which will be available thirty days (30) before the show, see photo below)

The following will help you with filling out the form, please be sure that your back number is on all your paperwork, if your are new please include that when sending in your stall and entries forms.

Yellow Dots; Horse and Owner information, if unregistered leave registration information blank.

Green Dots; PtHA Amateur and Youth exhibitor Information MUST be filled out completely.

Red Dots; PtHA Open and All Breed Exhibitor Information MUST be filled out completely.

Blue stripe; A Parent, Legal Guardian or Exhibitor Over 18 years of age MUST sign this form in order to enter the show arena.

YOU MAY use more than one form if needed, if you are unsure of what you will be showing in, you may enter one class and send in all your info, at check in you can get help deciding which classes you are eligible to show in.

This form, copies of Registration Papers, Coggins and Rabies, Membership Cards can be e-mailed to the NEPtHA entries e-mail to save time at check in. PLEASE attach a notice to the e-mail if you are a new member.


COVID Release Form; This MUST be filled out for every person coming on the grounds.

Trainers Form; If Trainers are reserving stalls YOU MUST Fill out this form for billing purposes, you may submit more than one form if needed.

Relationship Form (you may only show the horse of your immediate parents, if you show a horse of any other family member you will have to file this form. NOT required for All Breed Exhibitors. It can be found on the SHOW SEASON page)

LEAVING FOR THE SHOW; Remember those last minute items… Check Book or Cash, Health Certificate if required, Hotel Reservations if needed, directions, hay, grain and bedding, supplements, hose, cleaning equipment… Horse, Kids… Husband…

NEPtHA is very pleased you have chosen to show with us, please ask for assistance if you have any questions.

NEPtHA Board of Directors and Show Committee