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New England Pinto Horse Association (NEPtHA) is a charter club of the Pinto Horse Association of America (PtHA) a color breed registry. PtHA registers every breed of Horse, Pony, Miniature Horse, Donkey and Mule. In 2019 PtHA approved the registration of Colored Appaloosa’s which will now get all the perks of a National and New England Pinto Member. For a list of approved outcrop breeds see the present National Rule Book located on the PtHA Forms and Documents page of our website.

In the pages of this site you can gather information about NEPtHA, we are proud to offer classes for all age groups and riding experience for all breeds of horses. Horses that are not registered with the PtHA may be show in our All Breed Classes, we offer classes from walk-trot classes to Ranch Horse Classes. On Friday evenings we also offer Open All Breed Gymkhana Classes for those who like a bit of speed while mounted.

In 2023 began offering Equestrian With Disability Classes, and of course we also offer a large range of National Pinto Classes from Miniature Horses to Ranch Horse Classes, we offer classes for both Western and English riders from Halter Classes through Equitation and Horsemanship Classes. Our Class Lists can be viewed on the NEPtHA Forms and Documents pages.

There are many reasons to register your horse Pinto including National Individual Awards and Special Awards your horse can earn. To see the lists please click the buttons below.

NEPtHA is also offers the NEPtHA Classic Classes which are held during each of our shows, These classes are awarded a Custom Made Molly’s Belt Buckle to the winner, These classes are judged by all of our Judges and the results are tabulated to the pinnings of 1st through 10th places and are pinned inn the main arena.

Please have an enjoyable time exploring our website and learning about the Pinto Horse and New England Pinto Horse Association, please come back often as we are constantly updating the site.

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All show are held at                               Three County Fair Grounds Northampton, MA. 

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